Fall love

The Calendar this week hit my favorite time of year. The signs that is was coming have been showing up for a while now. However the weather seems to still be a little unprepared to allow the fall air in. You might be wondering why I love fall. First answer is fair season. I grew up in a town that the local fair was in and have so many happy memories from the fair that every year I get excited to visit and enjoy. Next I love the cooler days and night that are currently missing here. Nights by the back yard fire pit with all the family is always great fun and lots of laughs. It also means the end of grilling season and the start of Crock pot cooking and freezer meals. Total honesty here.. I mean the point of blogging is to share my life with you. I hate to cook, love to bake. However I LOVE creating things in my crock pots.

Now lets discuss the make up of my home because it is a little nontraditional so it might help. My daughter recently got married to a wonderful man in June. They are both young and need some time to build a future. So we have allowed them to live in our home. Therefore we have 4 grown adults to feed every night. With this wedding and relationship we got a total added bonus an adorable, loving, smart 4-year-old grandson. I am blessed to be involved in his life and watch him every other week. We get to have so much fun.. More on that later. So you can see we need to prepare to feed the trip.

I want to share some of my favorite crock pot ideas.


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