Married to the uniform

The news tonight has me taking a minute to reflect. First our country has been deeply effected this week by the events in Vegas. Then tonight there is news of service members being killed and injured overseas. I am about to share with you some things about being married to a man who serves his country and community. I know so many women who think being with a public servant is a cool thing but I want to share with you just a little what life is like.

Ladies I know you see the uniforms and find the men wearing them attractive.. however being married to one requires so much more than that attraction. I spend countless nights alone in my bed. Storm coming, natural disaster, any sort of big event that you are thinking you want your hubby home to help deal with things mine is gone. He is instead waiting to take care of whoever needs him. Please do not get me wrong I love that he care so deeply for others. It is who he is and that is one of the reasons I love him.

Next let’s talk about holidays, birthdays, anniversary ect become just a day. We have done our holiday celebrations weeks after the date or even before. My daughter grew up knowing the we would celebrate when dad was off. Now I can assure you that when deployed those events came and went without him. A sacrifice I am happy to make.

Given his fire department and military schedules I am pretty sure he spends more time with co-workers than his family. Here is the thing I have learned to cherish and make the most our time together. I am beyond proud of him and what he does. I have learned to take great pride in being married to such a selfless man.

Now I need to say a few things here about the things that do upset me. I went to the grocery store this week and the cashier when I checked out asked me to take a minute and sign some cards for deployed soldiers. Of course I said. She then told me that most people say they do not have the time. Are you kidding me? These are people who are away from loved ones because they are protecting us and you can’t take a minute out of your day to sign a card. This upsets me.

Second firefighters, paramedics, cops and military members are not over paid. I know there are always a few bad apples in every group but overall they are good people. Here is the thing. They take jobs knowing it means working all night, seeing people at the worst moments of their lives, missing out on big life events. Who takes a job requiring you give 100% all the time to be a jerk.  So please show them a little respect. Say thank you.

We saw this week the best of these people running toward the fire to get others to safety. In my mind that makes them worth respecting, loving and giving them some love and support. So from our house to yours THANK YOU.

One big shout out to Jordan Essentials because military members and family can join for free. Please take the time to sign the card at your local grocery store if you are asked.


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