Domestic Violence

October is a busy month. Breast cancer awareness is so important but another really important issue October is the awareness for. That issue is Domestic Violence. In every single company I work with we talk about sisterhood and empowering women. I am pretty sure that nothing kills the confidence and sparkle of a women than being a victim of domestic violence.

Do you know that there are many kinds of domestic violence? It is not just the being hit, punched, kicked, strange physical violence that many people think of. That is just a part of the way an abuser controls a victim. There is emotional abuse and financial abuse.


The effects of abuse a huge and effective every single aspect of life. I want you to know why this issue is so important to me because this month you will be hearing a lot from me about it. My beautiful daughter was in a relationship that was abusive. It ended with him being arrested and court. I will spare you all the scary details. I struggled as her parent because I felt like I should have known and done something. Here is the thing victims and abuser are good at hiding the truth.

Today I just want you to know if you are in a relationship that is abusive.. help is available.  If you have a family member or friend that is in an abusive relationship talk to them. Make yourself available to them when they are ready for help. Offer your support. It may not seem like they want it but they need to know you are there.

Places you can get more resources and help include:

Maine Coalition to end Domestic Violence 

24 hour Maine hotline is 1-866-834-4357

Nationwide Hotline. 1-800-799- SAFE (7233)

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Thrity-One is allowing customers to round up on orders and the extra will be donated. Here is the official information. Click below and read more. Just because this means so much to me I will make a donation of the same amount to a local DV program that helped my daughter. So get shopping and your round up gets doubled twice once from me and once from Thirty-One.

Round-Up! your order to support domestic violence advocacy, and we’ll MATCH IT!



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