3 lessons learned from being Nana

Time to be a little honest here there are way more than 3 things I have learned from this kid. The first thing you should know is that the little man I love so much came into our life a few years ago when his daddy started dating our daughter.  I have never and will never view him as anything other than our grandson. Yes I did not and will not use that “step” word because blood does not make you a part of this family LOVE does. So let’s talk about the things he teaches me.


Life is busy and it is easy to find yourself lost in your day.  He reminds me that is the little things that matter. He does not need much to be happy.  Just the other day we had to go to the dentist and they gave him a coin to use in the “gumball machines” that are filled with toys. The bouncy ball he got from that little machine and the fish tank in the waiting room made his entire trip to the dentist fun. Simple things that he will talk about for weeks. So friends maybe it takes an extra minute to hold the door for someone but it matters. You just never know what kind of impact the little thing might have on someones day.


A little imagination goes a long way.  I have to admit I was lacking in this skill.  I think as adults we generally are. We see an object and the first thing we think of is how it is intended to be used. Kids look at them and see something very different. I can not tell you the number of times in a day he picks something up and creates his own use for it. As an example my pots and pans can be a drum, a hat, a basketball hoop, and a bath toy all in one day.  I love that he has reminded me of how much fun it can be to use everyday objects in other ways. I also love that he tells these stories all made from his imagination that just make my day. My favorite was him telling me how monsters came in the night on a rocket to make his room a mess. For those that have kids who are nervous about nighttime monsters you should try monster stay away spray


Making memories is free. Yes we get to do a lot with this little guy. He spends every other week in our house and Nana gets to watch him. We get to go a lot of places and do fun things but those are just a drop in the bucket. He remembers and wants to do the silly things over and over. He has this bag of plastic balls. I think that it has like 100 in the bag. One night his daddy and him emptied that bag down the stairs and made a big mess. Guess what he remembers that and loves to tell people about it. He loves to dump the bag down the stairs and toss them from the living room to the kitchen. It makes a mess but he loves it, he cleans it up and laughs the whole time.

bentley balls






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