Thank you Eddie Eagle

Warning: you may not want to read this article if you are anti-gun but if you do I hope you will see that gun owners can be responsible, careful and safe.

There is a program that the NRA puts out called the Eddie Eagle Gun Safe program. We have for a while now used it with our grandson so he knows how to be safe if he finds a gun. We may love to shot and enjoy our time on the range but he is more important then a day at the range.


So we started having him watch the crazy eagle videos and talking about the simple messages he teaches. Stop, don’t touch, leave the area and tell an adult. He is now at an age where he is a little more interested in what is going on when we are cleaning so he is learning a little more in a wife way.


However I have always wondered in the back of my head if this Crazy Eagle and his songs, activities and rewards were having an impact on the little man. Well the other night I got my answer. A family friend had dropped off a broken paintball gun that needs some attention. I said paintball gun, taken apart mind you. He happens to notice it is a box. He runs out of the room to his mother and tells her about the gun.


So Eddie Eagle does work and I am so glad our family believes in education at an early age. I know he would not have been about to do anything with the paintball gun but he knows even toys need to be checked first. So tonight I am thankful for the NRA and the efforts they have made to make the homes of gun owners with kids a little safer.



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