Keep your germs away

It is that time of year where kids are back and school the illness start to spread. Soon it will feel like every you see has a cough, runny nose, sore throat..  I love this time of year. My plan for Wednesday will be #wellnessWednesday where I will be sharing some tips to keep you and your family healthy. So let’s start right here discussing preventing illness

The first step in avoiding getting a cold or flu is to avoid exposure. If you are sick stay home from work and  if your kid is sick please do not send them to school to get everyone else sick.  Personally I do not want anyone preparing my food, who has been coughing and sneezing the entire preparation time.


Which leads me to my next tip for this week. Please please please, I am begging you please teach yourself and kids to wash hands. This is the single most important thing you can do for yourself and your family. Dislike public bathrooms and clean hands and want some suggestions please message me. If you encounter a health care provider of any kind. Make sure they wash their hands when entering your room, before and after putting on gloves, any procedures and before they leave the room. You have the right to ask them to do this.. Advocate for your own safety.


I highly recommend using the immune blend from Jordan essentials as well for preventing illness.

Make sure you are getting plenty of rest, lots of fluids, manage your stress levels. Get some exercise. If you have thoughts or questions please leave me a comment below. Follow my blog to get more articles like this.

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