Acne Sucks


I mean really sucks. Seriously who wants to wake up with that on your face. I am too old for this. Hey little nursing fact adults get acne too so that is a joke. One of the biggest differences between adult acne and adolescent is location. Adults tend to get on lower jaw and chin area in teens it frequently occurs on the forehead, cheeks

Whiteheads are plugged oil glands that are closed. Blackheads are plugged oil glands that are open (it is the exposure to air that turns them black).

Common Causes:

Hormones- that is one of the reasons it is so common to start in teen years. Ladies please think about all the times you when hormones change and it will be easy to understand why adults get acne too. Menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause are all possible triggers. Stress and Medication Side effect. Some medical conditions can also cause it.


So let me be 100% honest here because face it that is just who I am… I did all the wrong things when I woke up this this zit and now it looks so much worse.

Do not squeeze it.. Yes I did. What is that old saying “do as I say not as I do” right…

But I did then go back and start to do the right things.. Let talk about what I have done so far. My favorite look like a monster and try to scare away the grandson mask.

Activated Charcoal– this stuff is amazing. I can not even begin to describe how great my face feels after. Yes I am a nurse and past experience with activated charcoal has not always been great. I have ruined some shoes and clothing with this black stuff but the mask is so easy to use that I do not have the same issue.




I have also applied some skin relief because it is my favorite carrier with tea tree oil. Tea tree essential oil kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and opens pores.

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