Am I worthy to stand behind you?

When you see this face what see. Do you see the mom who loves her daughter and son in law until the end of time no matter? Do you see a wife who still looks at her husband with the those same big eyes full of love after almost 20 years? Do you see the Nana who rocks her grandson to bed at night, who spends hours playing cars, monsters and working on colors, letter and shapes. Do you see the nurse who may have just talked a family to do CPR on a loved one. Calmed a newborn mom worried about her sick child. I have spent a huge part of my life loving, caring, giving, providing for others. There is no evil in my heart. There is at times a lot of pain and sadness because some things can never be unseen or undone. But that is a topic for another time. My questions is am I worthy to stand behind in a line?


Sadly for so many in this country I love so much the answer is no… wonder why- I must have done something bad right-nope I have never been charged with a crime. I have never been in trouble.. The reason why some people is not as simple as I am going to boil it down. First and this will be a post another time I promise I am fat. Second and by far the most horrible sin I could do in some people’s mind is I carry around some friends.


Who are these friends that make me a bad person well tonight I thought I would introduce you to two of my loves and with any luck you will see that they don’t make me evil and you have no need to fear me because they will never hurt you until the person holding it pulls the trigger. The owner not the gun is the issue my friends.  First up let me share with you my black beauty.


My Rugar LC9.  I have a little love hate relationship with this baby. Honest first time I shot it resulted in stitches,. forgot about the slide action. Anyway that just motivated me to be able to handle this little brat of a gun. Really long trigger pull and one heck of a kick. I love the gun because it is a light, easy to carry and conceal 9mm gun. I suggest some range time really working the basics with this gun before adding it as an ever day carry piece. Wonder if my left leaning friends have read this far… I hope so because I am going to share a great reference for a review of the safety functions on this one.

Click Here


My next love is my Highpoint Pink camo 380ACP.  This gun is heavy as hell but shoots like a dream. Yes it is a cheap gun so you have to take extra good care of it. It jams once in a while. But Let me just tell you. When I want to just shoot and play around this is the gun I do that with along with one other my .22. Now before the boys all just down my throat about girly guns let me remind them that my EDC is a 9mm. Here is the thing about this gun that is going to have many of you pulling out thier hair.. I got it a gun show…. OMG I clearly didn’t legally purchase the gun right, I used the loophole to get this gun. NO for real come on now haven’t we been over this enough at least here in Maine when I go to a gun show find a gun i love the feel up, which was happened with my hiopoint I have to do the same paperwork and process I do in every other gun store. So stop please but that one to bed.


Anyway Friends the question is am I still worthy to stand behind you in the line? or I am not a dangerous human because you know know an killing machine lives under my clothing or in my purse. In case you are wondering no matter what you think of me if the need arises that you or your loved one needs to be protected while we are standing in last line, walking to the parking lot or at any other time in my presence my friends will be there to assist you and yours.


My sincere hope with this post is to just make one person think about the very real issues we are fighting in this country related to crime, drug addiction and terror. But I assure you the gun is a tool used by a human no different that a car, hammer, axe, rope, knife ext. So let’s look big picture and start fixing the  much bigger issues that will allow us to make a difference.


Be safe, Love you all.

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