10 Unique places to get gifts this year

I wanted to share some of my favorite places to get gifts that are not ones you would find on the shelf of your local by mall or box store. Maybe it is because these are people I know that it makes me want to see them have a great holiday season




Inscribed from the heart



On this site you can find a variety of gifts. Most are wooden with adorable sayings on them. They are made my a Nurse I work with Sandy. I have purchased from here and love my Amazing Grace wood carving.




Jordan essentials


Jordan essentials has great skin care products that are made without toxic chemicals. The natural ingredients are great for healthy skin. They also have great mineral makeup for your favorite lady. The line of magnesium products have amazing health benefits and can provide relief to everyday aches and pains. Last the selection of essential oils and herbal sprays is awesome. 




Vintique Designs By Kayla



Kayla makes a variety of items that make great gifts. Some of my favorites are the knit hats. They are so cute. If my daughter was still young I would so be getting mommy and me hats. Currently Kayla is doing a fundraiser to help the homeless in her area which is a great reason to hope on over and get a hat and share the love this holiday season.




A Girl Gone Wine


My friend Carolina runs this little company. I have to tell you I do not even drink wine but I can always find something that makes me smile or laugh. I have personally seen her make glasses and aprons and can tell you that they are made with a whole lot of love. For all my crafting and direct sales friends this lady also runs Maine supporting Maine and puts on events.



Tastefully Simple


How does the cooking in your house. Would they love a gift that makes meal time easier? I know I do. Tastefully simple has great meal kits. The TS to you program sends you a kit of your selection every other month and includes recipes, ingredients, a shopping list and you get a discount on products. You can also purchase the holiday baking kit now and make some great treats for your family and friends. These cute little snowman and reindeer poop kits are currently on special. Buy one get one.




Mannie’s Aerial Photography


If you live locally this is a cool idea. Mannie does a lot of work for realtors but his work is just too good not to share with you. I would guess that he would come do an aerial photo of a home or favorite area. What better gift than that. I am now going to have to ask him if he will come do my house. He also has some really great connections and ability to decrease your electric bill via one of his companies. Saving a little cash for the holiday season is just an added bonus of knowing Mannie.



Abbey’s Unique Scrubs


My friend Abbey works hard running two small businesses and manage a retail store. Her scrubs are all made in her  own kitchen with fresh ingredients! She has foot scrubs and lip scrubs. Lip scrubs come as Raspberry, strawberry, pumpkin spice, vanilla, chocolate mint, candy cane, and chocolate covered strawberry.


East Coast School Of Safety


Don’t be scared away because the first thing that comes to mind is guns. Andee is about so much more than just guns. She actually does not sell them. She does however teach classes to use them safely. She does that exceptionally well. I know from personal experience. Even if you do not live near us you can jump onto her website to get personal and home protection items, tips and tricks. She is a great advocate for multilayered protection and would be happy to help you decide what items are best for you.




This is the very first direct sales company I ever became a consultant for. I hate to say that my passion for selling the product has decreased but the holiday season has be looking at some of the items and falling in love with some of the patterns and products. The pillows are always well received as gifts and I am thinking I need to give a few this year. I also love the close to home tray, keepsake trays. I have always loved that many of the items sold can be personalized.




Quilty Conscience


Carin and I have known each other since our daughters were in kindergarten (mine in now 21, married with a son). That should tell you something. I have been blessed to give and receive many of her items. I can not even count the number of halloween costumes she made for all of us. Carin says- Quilty Conscience. Here you’ll find items made by me or vintage lovelies that I have purveyed from local thrifting. I have been finding myself sewing things that my family needs. Sometimes it’s sensory needs, sometimes it’s a huge man-sized throw for my HUGE man-sized husband, and sometimes it’s time in front of my sewing machine.



I hope you found something in this post that made you think of the perfect gift from one of these amazing ladies. In the comment section please let me know what you think. I would love to do a little more of these. Get deeper into the company, products. Let me know. Give me ideas on what you would like to see a blog about.


With love


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