5 Simple Ways to Save Cash this Christmas

So we all know this time of year that money can become an issue.  So here are a few ways to help stretch your dollar a little more.

Retail me not- This has been one of my favorite apps for a long time. I love it. So easy to use. Just type in the store you are purchasing from and it will give you coupon codes for both instore and online specials.  No cutting coupons, saving emails and remembering to bring them to the store. I recently discovered that you can earn cash back using this app as well. Have not done that with many purchases yet but I will let you know.


Send E-cards- There are several sites you can use to make and send cards. You can even make your own and email them along on some sites. I made this one on Canva is less than 5 mins.


Save on shipping- online shopping is great and so easy to do. Shipping can add to your costs. So let me share a couple little tricks. I watch and bundle orders from a store based on who has free shipping. I also use a lot of site to store shipping. Most of the time site to store is free and the only time it requires is running to pick it up. Another trick shop from direct sales companies but don’t use the website reach out to the consultant. Many will offer “special perks” for customers this time of year. If you are sending a gift to someone who lives away. ship it directly to them. Otherwise you are paying to ship it twice.



Redeem Credit Card and Club Points- Yes you heard me right. So I know my family loves clothing that comes from Old Navy. So I shop when I get extra bucks to be used later. Then I use those “bonus bucks” for more gifts. I also will go to the credit card account and redeem points for gift cards. I use the gift cards then as gifts or to make purchases.



Find free or cheap activities–  I get it everyone wants to do things with family and friends this time of year but you can do that without spending a lot of money. Here are a few ideas that you can try. Host your friends for coffee or tea instead of going out. Take a ride or better yet walk and check out the lights. Go caroling. Have a movie night and watch Christmas movies.


I hope that you are having a great holiday season. Merry Christmas. I hope that you are enjoying the time and getting to spend time with loved ones.

As always with love and God bless


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