Life in 2017

As I sit here in my hotel room enjoying a weekend get away with the love of my life I find myself thinking about the last year. It occurs to me that it has been an amazing year for my family and friends and 2018 promises to be even better.

Just a few things that happened in 2017:

My beautiful daughter got married. We were blessed to have so many family and friends join us for a weekend to celebrate the “Fox Family” There are so many moments of this weekend that I will cherish for a lifetime. Notice I said weekend.. It was not just a wedding it was an weekend celebration. Friday night we all got together for a BBQ, decorating, and birthday party. Saturday wedding. Sunday breakfast, clean up and saying goodbye.



Our camper was destroyed by mice….. yes I being honest. No joke. Hubby and I had a plan for a vacation and opened the camper only to find it ruined. So gross. You know what it was a blessing. We purchased a tent, a cot and pulled out some old fashioned camping gear and off we went to New York. This was one of the best trips we have taken in a long time. We got to have a lot of bonding time. I am so glad to have had this experience but will be happy to get back into my camper.



My sister hosted us for Thanksgiving and it was a blast. Theresa and Jason made a great meal. The company was second to none. It was a small group of us but many of the people who hold the biggest parts of my heart were in that room. My daughter and her family were missing so not totally complete.


I could go on with much more but looking forward is better than looking back. Check back soon to learn what I am looking forward to

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