last post of 2017


Here is some thing you may not know… I am about to be 39. Each year when we are all celebrating the best of 2017 and looking ahead to 2018 for me it is also the day to think about what I have accomplished in the last year of my life… Two big events right.. But wait


IT is my husbands birthday too. So es New Years is special for us. We ring in the new year with the same excitement has you but as the clock strikes 12 and the ball starts to fall. I get to be the first to wish my hubby and happy birthday. Give him his birthday kiss, get mine and kick off another year of our journey together.


This year we decided on a two night get away to ring in the 2018. Now I know you would think that would mean being out and rocking a party but you are wrong. Instead we have been out enjoying some of the best nature has to offer. Taking in some very cold air, warming by the fireplace of the restaurant in the hotel. For a good part of tonight we have hung out relaxing and just enjoying some alone time.


My hope is that when we run away on a few day trip that my daughter and her husband enjoy a few days home without us. I think it is good for both our marriages.


My wish for everyone in 2018 is that you follow your dreams, listen to your gut, live and love with all you have. I wish you happiness, health and success in all your adventures.

I will share in a post tomorrow some of my 2018 goals. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our lives in 2017.

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