Welcome 2018

I do not know about the rest of you but the first week of 2018 has been a blast in our house. Brian and I had a really nice few days away to kick of the New Year. Then back to the real world right. Here is just a few of the things that happened this week

Mother Nature decided that 2018 here in Maine was going to be very cold and white. I mean bone chilling cold. Like I am not going out of the house until the house is on fire cold. I would even have to think about leaving if it was on fire. Just Kidding. We also got a snow storm. We are still at the part of winter that I like the snow… 

The picture is from our trip when it was cold but not that snowy yet on the coast.

In the big storm my daughter had a little incident with her car. Say on the side of the road for hours waiting for a tow truck. Actually in 24 hours we had the tow truck come twice. When her hubby went to save her on the side of the road all was good but then his are stopped working and he got stuck on our road. It was great really. Everyone has a working car now so lets just hope we are done with that.


Everyone in the house has been sick.. Except Brian. He always seems to be the last. I have spent most of the week chasing Bentley around with tissues. The joys of preschoolers.


Brian is away for drill this weekend so the house is a little empty only 3 adults.. What to do.. Oh I know work.


Told you we had a crazy week. I want to take a minute and share my #sundayshine with you all in this post. My grandson got sick while we were away. His parents called the after hours nurse line for his PCP. I happen to work for this same company who does the nurse line. I want to give a huge personal thank you to the staff that worked that day. I know it was crazy busy but you made them feel like they were the most important caller of the day. I also know you did not know that they were my kids calling. So this is just a little proof that the world is smaller than we think and it pays to be kind.


With love


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