2018 ShutDown

As of Midnight our government has shut down because our elected officials are unable to pass a budget. This is not the first time this has happened and likely it won’t be the last.  Here is the thing that has my blood boiling about this shutdown. Law makers are placing more importance on “dreamers” than our own military. Give that a minute to sink in. People who are not citizens who ended up here as a direct result of illegal activity by their parents are more important than the men and women who are willing to die for us.

I watched a press conference today in which members of one political party spent a significant amount of time bringing attention to the fact that today was the 1 year mark for the President. It seemed as if they wanted to use this as a big celebration that this shutdown was a big black mark on his presidency.  Need I remind you that we had a shut down under President Obama as well and the longest one in history occurred when Clinton was president. Great talking point but easy enough to see that you are just trying to cover for your own failure to complete your job.

Now we can have a discussion about the political views and honestly I have no issue with dreamers. I believe that if they want to stay here and are willing to follow our laws we should provide them with a path to citizenship. With that being said you can save your I am a racist argument for another discussion on another day.

Our military has spent the last decade plus fighting wars and doing so with decreasing resources and funding. These men and women are now expected to go to work for free until those in Washington decide they are able to work together and pass a budget. I am guessing you would have a hard time finding a military member or family that is excited about going to work and not getting paid.

So please do all of a favor dear elected officials put on your big kid pants, set aside your own agenda and fund our military. If you could find the time and get along long enough to pass the rest of a budget would be great but starting with those who are going to work to protect us first would be great.

On another note. Hope you were not planning a vacation to a national park anytime soon

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