Good Luck

Anybody else sometimes feel like life pulls them in a direction before you really even see it happening? I am happy in my life and enjoying work and family time. Yet there has been this desire for more. I need to be clear I love being all the things I am as a wife, mom and nana but felt like I needed to be doing more in my professional life. Yet I love being a nurse and being in contact with patients.

Healthcare is an environment where things change quickly and sometimes that includes some amazing nurses decide to move on to other adventures for one reason or another. In my organization over recent months some of the nurses I looked up to, learned from, valued have made these decisions. I made a decision to apply for an open role and this was my first week in the new role.

My head is spinning with all the things I am learning. This has left me with a few thoughts.

  1. To all my friends learning a new job, craft, skill whatever- Breath you got this

2. To anyone who teaches, precepts, trains, ect people. Bless you. Be kind. Those who are depending on and learning from you want to be successful. It is your job to make them.


3. I am excited to see where this adventure takes me. I am beyond blessed to have family and friends to support me.

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